A study done by ASI found that, on average, respondents kept their promotional products for 5.4 months.  Once broken down into categories, electronics were found to be held onto the longest – 8.1 months.  With that being an average, many of the electronics are held onto for much longer and most likely were passed along to others.

Looking at those statistics, it is easy to see why sales of technology related promotional products are on the rise.

Some of our favorite technology related products include…



 The cell phone shelf – an easy way to store your phone and cable while it is charging.  It keeps your phone close by and the cord off  of your desk/countertop.


Gadget grips – This grip can be used on cell phones, iPods or  iPads.  Gadget grips stick onto the device with removable adhesive, allowing the top surface of the grip to keep your device from slipping or sliding.  Perfect to hold it to the car dashboard!  Even better,  it keeps your customized message with your customers 24-hours a day.[/two_third]


USB Flash Drives – Everyone, even students, are carrying around their information on Flash Drives.  They are becoming a required school supply in many classrooms.  What better way to keep your logo in front of your customers.  Flash drives come in many shapes and sizes to fit any need!


Those are just three of our favorites but there are thousands more uses.  Check back as I post more ideas or give us a call to see what we can do for you.