Parents are always telling their children to stop using the word I – as in “I want”… and “I need”… but how many times a day do we use the word YOU incorrectly?

You is meant to convey a feeling that we are aware of another person’s feelings, wishes, or intentions. However, if used improperly, you becomes accusatory and can hurt more than help.

Think of the following:

You haven’t given me enough information to get the order processed”

You waited to long to place the order”

You need to give them more time to deliver”

You can’t get that item with your budget”

The above statements come across more as accusations than statements. We don’t want our buyers on the defensive. Thinking a moment before we speak, and making it sound like less of an accusation will make for a much happier buyer. Maybe we can change the sentences to the following…

“With a little more information, we can get this order placed”

“That item is not going to be available when you need it. I do have some products with a faster delivery that we can look at”

“With respect to your budget, we could either order fewer pieces or look at a similar product more in your price range.”

These statements sound less like you are blaming your client and more like you are both working together to accomplish a goal. Notice how we replaces you…it becomes a ‘team effort’ instead of you against your client.