Are you ready to take a chance, be bold, and asset yourself in a marketing campaign?  If so, you may want to think of some type of guerilla marketing.  This technique, defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerilla Marketing, is the act of executing an unusual or unexpected marketing activity in a common, everyday place to generate a buzz for your products and services.

Guerilla marketing tactics produce a big impact mainly because they are different and typically unpredictable.  This impact does involve some risk though.  Are you ready to take a risk?  If so, here are some guerilla marketing strategies that will help get your risk-taking juices flowing.

  • Sticky Notes – They are noticeable anywhere and people pay attention to them.  Use them to promote your business on offices, cars, or above mailboxes.
  • Pay it forward – When you are in line, pay for the person behind you and ask the cashier to give them your business card.  You may not get a client, but the word of mouth of your good deed will work
  • Business Cards – Go to the library or a bookstore and put your business card in any book relating to your business
  • Top 10 – Create a list of the top 10 reasons someone should use your business.
  • BBQ – Have a party and invite your clients and guests.  It is a great way to mingle and be the focus of everyones attentions.
  • T-shirts – Give away a HIGH QUALITY t-shirt.  It doesn’t even need to have your information on it.  If it is stylish and of high quality, word of mouth will get out as to where to get it.
  • Fish Bowl Business Cards – Ask your neighborhood restaurant who has a fishbowl of cards for a free lunch to give you the losers each month.  Great contact information!