Everyone wants things personalized these days. Companies sell personalized clothing, bags, and jewelry. You can get your personal message put on an iPod, a stamp or even M&Ms! My daughter was excited to choose her own colors for her expander!

Personalization for something no one will even be able to see – but it made hers unique and made her excited to get it put in. So if this is what everyone wants, why are we continually buying promotional items that are one and the same for everyone? Yes, it is nice when someone uses your product and sees your logo that they are reminded of your company, but what if they were reminded of your company whenever they looked at their great personalized product?

Skinit promos will allow you to provide your customers with a promotional item that they can personalize and make completely their own. It is a program in which users can be given a skinit card. This card provides them with a pin code with which they are able to design their own skin for their mobile device and have it shipped directly to them for free!

I was given a skinit card at a trade show and decided to see what the program was all about. The website contains thousands of images you can choose from – NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, the Simpsons, Harley Davidson, Looney Tunes, twilight, and many more. I chose however, to customize it even further and in only about 15 minutes, designed my own skin complete with pictures of my children. It was a quick, easy and fun process. They also offer skins for everything from flip cameras to phones, laptops to X-boxes.

This great program offers you the ability to give your customers something they will use for a long time. Different programs even offer you the ability to put your logo on the skins and use those instead of the skincards. Call today for pricing and particulars!