Have you ever had to walk to your car in a dark parking lot with only a small keylight to light the way?  Or tried to find a way to store your big bulky flashlights (which require BIG size D batteries)?  Or had to use your cell phone display

to see in front of you when the lights suddenly went out?  If so, then you will see the advantages to having a Bentcil Smashlight Noah.

The newest of Bentcil’s flat flashlights is only .375″ thick!  This small flashlight could easily fit in your purse, back pocket, kitchen drawer, or attach to your keychain.  While small, it has 4 SUPER bright LED bulbs for great illumination.  It has a full color graphic inlay, magnetic back, and REPLACEABLE Lithium batteries.

If you are looking for a great, useable, long-lasting promotion, the Smashlight is for you.  Call today for pricing or samples.