During July and August of 2010, businesspeople around the world were interviewed regarding promotional products they received.  The results were then compiled into the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, a cost analysis of promo

tional products vs. other media.   Here are some of the hard statistics about promotional products:

  • The cost-per-impression of a promotional product is half a cent!
  • 60% of people who receive promotional products do business with the advertiser afterward
  • 83% indicated that they could identify the advertiser on the promotional item they owned
  • 41% of respondents indicated that their opinion of an advertiser was more favorable after receiving a promotional product.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers!  Now, one requirement many businesses want from their promotional product, is the assurance that it will be used and not just thrown away.  The researchers calculated certain products IMPRESSIONS (multiplying the number of times an item is used by the number of people that see the item)  Bags have the highest number of impressions in a month – over 1,000!  Other impressions calculated include:

Caps/Headwear – 443/month

Writing Instruments – 437/month

Shirts – 344/month

Calendars – 295/month

If your t-shirt gets that many impressions in a month, and is kept for at least six months, your business gained a LOT of advertising from just one shirt!  The proof of the benefits of promotional products is in the numbers.