Everyone knows how crucial it is to make a good first impression.  Businesses worry about the cleanliness of their lobby, the personality of the front receptionist, their employees dress and manners; but what about that first item you GIVE to

a potential client;  the one they take with them, and hopefully keep?  What about your BUSINESS CARD?

Your business card represents your company as much as any person, building, office, or product.  However, most of the time, businesses do not spend time designing the right image and card for their business.  What does your card say about your and your company?

Things your business card should contain:

  • Easy to find and easy to read name, phone number(s), email address and website
  • Only the necessary information – keep it simple
  • Good use of color
  • Only icons and designations that enhance your professionalism
  • Quality paper

Things your business card should NOT contain:

  • Text that is hard to read – be careful of color imprinted over color – sometimes that is hard to read
  • Fonts and font sizes that are too small
  • A cluttered layout
  • Information on the back of the card that the reader must hunt

Business cards are an inexpensive investment in your image, but many times the one image that clients keep.   Make sure all the information is up-to-date, and uniform throughout the company.  You should also always keep your cards in a case so they look crisp and clean.  This will help make a positive impression on potential clients.

So, do your cards portray the image you are trying to project for your company?  If not, we at Promotions with Personality can help you achieve a professional, clean, eye-catching look.