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Hunter Companies is the largest commercial truck dealer in the Northeast Region. When they redesigned their logo, they wanted to communicate the change to customers in a way that was memorable.

We suggested a Reveal Mug: At room temperature it looks like a nearly plain mug, printed with just a little text. But when filled with hot liquid, it transforms to display the new logo for Hunter Companies, in full color.

See the mug in action in this video:

The team at Hunter was thrilled, both by the quality of the engaging product and the ease of working with Promotions with Personality:

Kudos to Marci McDeavitt of Promotions with Personality! I was blown away by your great ideas. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve ordered promotional items that were either late in arriving, not what we ordered or both! You found products that were the perfect fit for our logo launch. The reveal mugs were a huge hit! I appreciate all your efforts in making our launch a success.
—Nancy Hunter-Mycka
Director of Human Resources, Hunter Companies

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